Vogue Fashion Illustration

Fashion spot illustration

Vogue fashion illustration, a mainstay of the popular magazine beginning in 1909, utilized the talents of many artists.

Before the advent of photography in fashion magazines in the 1930s, artists created a visual mood that influenced other magazines and remained in “vogue” for decades.

While fashion magazine covers and full-color art from that era remains highly collectable today, small spot illustrations from the same magazines are often overlooked.

Usually highly stylized black line art, sometimes in color, sometimes whimsical, these fashion spots appeared throughout the pages.

Well-known illustrators as well as artists identified only by their initials contributed to the look and feel of fashion magazines of the era. Cover artists such as George Wolf Plank, John Barbour, and Helen Fuller produced hundreds of fashion spots during the 1910s and 1920s.

Here is a sampling of fashion spots from that era:

fashion drawing, Helen Fuller, 1920s fashion drawing by Helen Fuller, 1922

fashion drawing by Helen Fuller, 1920s Vogue fashion silhouette by Helen Fuller

Vogue fashion art by George Plank, 1920 Fashion illustration, Delineator Magazine, 1920, George Wolf Plank

spot illustration by George Wolf Plank Women's fashions by George Plank for Vogue, 1920s

Fashion drawing, George Wolf Plank, 1912

Here are a few examples of spots with color added:

Vogue spot illustration by Alida Clement, 1917

Colorized spot illustration

Spot illustration by John Barbour, Vogue, 1913 Drawing by George Wolf Plank

Vogue drawing by John Barbour, 1920s

Vogue spot drawing with initals H.L.B.
Find out how to add color to line art in this tutorial.

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