Military Illustration Gallery

Royal Flying Corps, 1917

Military illustration between 1880 and 1920 included graphic depictions of war, both photographic and artwork. Some of the artwork from that period most inspirational to designers today is of uniforms and equipment.

Military uniforms of various nations evolved from the gaudy tunics, brass buttons, and bright ribbons of the Napoleonic era to the drab, almost colorless uniforms of World War I.

American magazines commissioned illustrators to create accurate renderings of soldiers and military equipment for both fiction stories and documentary accounts of battles and wars.

Their assignments led artists to search back in historical archives to find details of ancient soldiers' gear and weapons. An illustrator might be asked to draw a modern American battle tank one week, a Roman legionnaire the next week, and a Russian horse-mounted Cossack the next.

The first part of this Gallery features uniforms from various wars. Later additions will include military equipment and weapons.

You can find in the Image Galleries other examples of Military Illustration.

Russian Cossack, 1916 British army officer

French soldier, 1918 British officer, 1915

American soldier signing souvenirs, by Herbert Paus, 1918 red uniform

Tank on battlefied, World War I Battle tank, 1918

Minuteman, 1775 American sailor, 1818

Admiral Sims King of Belgium, 1918

Sapnish-American War, 1898 Stringing telegraph wire, World War I

German and French military uniforms, 1910 West Point cadets, 1908

Everybody's Magazine cover, 1919 magazine cover, 1919

More vintage military art is coming soon!

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