Golden Age Adventure
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Vintage fantasy art, fortune teller with crystal ball

Golden age fantasy illustration included a wide variety of themes; myths and legends, romantic tales, monsters and fairies, science fiction, adventure and children's stories.

Artists were free to use their imaginations and come up with illustration solutions to odd questions: What does a dragon look like? How do I draw a ghost?

Illustrators in the early 1900s could refer back to fine art paintings such as the works of Pieter Bruegel, Francisco Goya and William Blake, or the contemporary work of surrealist painters.

But often they were on their own, creating new interpretations of fantasy stories from Grimm's Fairy Tales to Jules Verne.

Fantasy art of the Golden Age of Illustration laid the groundwork for later comic books and science-fiction pulp magazine art of the 1930s and 1940s.

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For a 1907 artist's take on life on Mars, check out this example of fantasy illustration.

For hints on how to incorporate vintage illustration into your design projects, see Creating Solutions.

(Under construction. More fantasy and adventure paintings are on their way!)

Cortez, armored knight, vintage illustration medieval knight and lady, vintage illustration

romantic couple in vintage airplane, vintage illustration Decorative Cupid, vintage illustration

Romance, Grecian ladies, vintage illustration mythological woman, vintage illustration

St. George and the Dragon, vintage illustration medieval pilgrim at prayer, snow, vintage illustration

woman hanging on a girder, adventure, pulp illustration fantasy woman in butterfly costume, vintage art

woman in jester costume, vintage illustration Howard Pyle pirate, vintage illustration

fantasy woman in costume with hoop fantasy woman in knight's armor, vintage illustration

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