Golden Age Children Illustration Gallery

vintage illustration, little girl on the beach

Children illustration was a specialty among artists during the Golden Age of Illustration. They created a visual legacy of children and children's activities that remains popular today.

Many major magazines between 1880 and 1920 featured children on covers, and in stories and advertisments.

The works of Elizabeth Shippen Green, Jesse Wilcox Smith, Maud Humphrey, Alice Barber Stevens, and other women illustrators became widely-known symbols of idealized childhood.

Beginning in the Victorian era, children often were portayed as adorable, perfect, well-behaved little ladies and gentlemen.

By 1900, the popular image had morphed into tomboys, street urchins, and all-American girls preoccupied with dolls, fairies, and domestic chores, and boys obsessed with baseball and getting into trouble.

In this gallery you'll find examples in Web resolution from the Palma Collection of Golden Age childrens' art; realistic, sentimental, and cartoon, from cherub to hellion.

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vintage illustration, Alice in Wonderland, white rabbit Girl with doll, golden age illustration art

Kids wading at the beach, illustration art Kids wading in a stream, illustration art

Boy with baby, vintage illustration Dutch children playing, vintage golden age illustration

Dutch children ice skating, vintage illustration Girl knitting, vintage illustration art

Oliver Twist, vintage illustration art, 1920 Whistling boy with fish and bluebirds, vintage illustration

Little boy riding in the rodeo, child cowboy illustration Choirboy, vintage illustration

Kids reading books, vintage illustration Tom Sawyer, children vintage illustration art

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