Golden Age Animal Illustrations Gallery

Tiger and fish illustration

Looking for animal illustrations? Maybe a bunny? Or just the right horse? Or a butterfly? Golden Age Illustration might hold the inspiration you are looking for.

In this Gallery you'll find a menagerie, samples of vintage animal art produced between 1880 and 1920.

Artists created a fantastic beastiary beginning in the 1850s,including elephants, giraffes, penguins, and kangaroos, creatures unfamiliar at that time in Europe and America.

As zoos and circuses became popular, people wanted to learn more about exotic birds and mammals from faraway lands. Some Golden Age illustrators specializing in animal art traveled worldwide drawing creatures in their natural habitats.

Animals rendered realistically or as cartoon characters became and still are favorite subjects for children's books and stories.

On the Image Galleries Page, you can find more examples of animal illustrations.

For hints on how to incorporate vintage royalty-free illustration in your design projects, see Creating Solutions.

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Fish illustration art 1880 Zebra illustration art, 1854

Pelican illustration 1920 Circus Horse illustration art, 1909

Eagle illustration, 1880 Parrot illustration art, 1922

rabbit illustration art, 1880 Rooster illustration art, 1915

Jaguar illustration, 1854 Chimpanzee illustration, Harry Rowntree, 1908

llama illustration art elephant illustration art

turkey illustration art lynx illustration art

(More animals are on their way....coming soon to this page!)

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