Create With Golden Age Illustration

Looking for great illustration with just the right touch?

Are you an illustrator or designer in search of a graphic solution?

Or you just want really good art instead of ordinary clip art for your Website?

Golden Age illustration can provide inspiration and solutions.

The best graphic artists in America and Europe a century ago created a wealth of useful, versatile art that still communicates today. Their art has stood the test of time, its available and affordable.

And they can help you solve specific problems.

After all, illustrators during the Golden Age were first and foremost problem solvers. They had to meet tight deadlines for the most aggressive and successful publishers of the era.

And their artwork had to meet tough, competitive professional standards. It communicated ideas clearly and quickly. And it had to sell.

Their art is as contemporary as you want it to be. Fashions change. Styles change. Good design is timeless.

You can put their experience and skill to work for you.

Here's how: If you are unfamiliar with art, find out more about it and check out some examples. Take a look at our Image Galleries. Or see how Golden Age art can become part of a creative solution.

There are many sources of public domain (copyright free) vintage art. Some are available on the internet free and/or royalty free, some in Web resolution, and some in high-res for print reproduction. We will post some of the best sources. This site is under construction, so please bear with us and check back from time to time.

Please explore the pages listed below and discover some of the many facets of Golden Age Illustration.

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The Art of Andre Castaigne Advertising Illustration Gallery


What is Golden Age Illustration?
Examples of Golden Age Illustration: vintage art you can put to work today.
Golden Age Illustration Galleries
Browse our Golden Age Illustration Galleries
Golden Age Animal Illustrations Gallery
Looking for great animal illustrations? Check this.
Advertising Illustration Gallery
Vintage American Advertising Illustration.
Fantasy Illustration Gallery
Looking for imaginative vintage fantasy illustration? Check out this gallery for inspiration.
Golden Age Children Illustration Gallery
Looking for classic children illustration? Find great examples from the Golden Age of Illustration.
Fashion Illustration Gallery
Fashion illustration from the Golden Age, 1880 to 1920. Inspirational examples of vintage costumes and clothing.
Old West Illustration Gallery
Looking for imaginative old west illustration? Check out this gallery for inspiration.
Golden Age Military Illustration Gallery
Vintage Military Illustration Gallery, examples of uniforms and equipment.
Golden Age Transportation Illustration Gallery
Vintage transportation illustration; cars, airplanes, carriages, motorcycles.
Golden Age Cartoon Illustration Gallery
Cartoon Illustration from the Golden Age (1880-1920), vintage humor and political cartoons, brief bios of cartoonists.
Golden Age Comic Art
Comic Art from the Golden Age of Illustration, vintage humor, sight gags, comic strip art.
Golden Age Cartoon Art
A Golden Age Cartoon interpreted by different artists in 1909.
Golden Age Caricatures
Caricatures from the Golden Age of Illustration, vintage humorous portraits of famous and not-so-famous people.
Golden Age Cartoon Characters and Stories
Cartoon characters and humorous childrens' book illustration from the Golden Age of Illustration.
Golden Age Editorial Cartoons
Editorial cartoons from the Golden Age of Illustration (1880-1920).
Golden Age Cartoon Animals
Cartoon Animals from the Golden Age of Illustration (1880-1920).
Photoshop Tutorials: Creating Solutions
Using Photoshop tutorials and Golden Age Illustration to create contemproary design solutions.
line illustration: adding color
How to colorize black and white line illustration
Golden Age illustration: Spot Illustrations, Thinking small
Creating solutions with Golden Age spot illustrations.
Vogue fashion illustration
Vintage Vogue fashion illustration. Examples of fashion spots.
Golden Age Illustrators: Sketches, Stories, and Solutions
Sketches and stories about and by Golden Age illustrators
Vintage science fiction illustration, Martian life
An artist's view of life on Mars, 1907. Little green men in early science fiction illustration
Combat Artists 1914-1918
Combat artists of World War One. Battlefield sketches from Europe, 1914-1918
Golden Age Aviation Illustration
Aviation illustration, sketches of American warplane under construction during World War I
Illustrators of the Golden Age
Golden Age Illustrators, bio sketches of popular artists, 1880-1920
Sarah Stilwell, illustrator of children
Sarah Stilwell, children's art from the Golden Age of Illustration.
Howard Pyle
Bio sketch of Howard Pyle (1853-1911), father of modern illlustration, and examples of his work.
Elizabeth Shippen Green
Bio sketch of illustrator Elizabeth Shippen Green (1871-1954), and examples of her work.
Jules Guerin, illustrator
Bio sketch of Jules Guerin, American painter, muralist, and illustrator, with examples of his work.
Harrison Fisher, Golden Age Illustrator
Bio sketch of Harrison Fisher (1877-1934), and examples of his work.
Edwin Austin Abbey, Golden Age Illustrator
Bio sketch of illustrator Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911), and examples of his work.
C. Coles Phillips
Bio sketch of C. Coles Phillips, creator of the "Fadeway Girl" and examples of his work.
The Kewpies and Rose O'Neill
Bio sketch of Rose O'Neill, (1874-1944), illustrator and creator of the Kewpies, and examples of her work.
Golden Age Vintage Religious Illustration Gallery
Vintage religious illustration by the great magazine and book artists of the Golden Age of Illustration, 1880-1920.
Gertrude Kay
Bio sketch of illustrator Gertrude Kay (1884-1939), and examples of her work.
Aubrey Beardsley
Bio sketch of illustrator Aubrey Beardsley (1884-1939), and examples of his work.
Charles Dana Gibson
Bio sketch of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson (1884-1961), and examples of his work.
Violet Oakley
Bio sketch of illustrator Violet Oakley (1874-1961), and examples of her work.
James Montgomery Flagg
Bio sketch of illustrator James Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960), and examples of his work.
Jessie Willcox Smith
Bio sketch of illustrator Jessie Willcox Smith (1884-1961), and examples of her work.
Andre Castaigne
Bio sketch of artist and Golden Age illustrator Jean Andre Castaigne (1860-1929), and examples of his work.
William James Aylward
Bio sketch of William James Aylward (1875-1956), and examples of his work.